Hundreds of residents from across the communities of Metro Vancouver have come forward to volunteer their time to support refugees settle into their new communities. This demonstration of generosity and spirit has been truly amazing!

To make it easy to find volunteer opportunities, the MVRRT has developed a list of organizations coordinating these efforts. To the right you will find links to agencies and groups across Metro Vancouver that are managing various volunteer opportunities.  These opportunities have been categorized into areas of interest that are especially relevant to refugees.  To find volunteer opportunities in an area that you’re interested in, simply click on the boxes to the right and browse the organizations and open their links to find out further information.

If you know of an organization that is coordinating volunteers to assist refugees and it is not listed here, please email Saleem at

Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC: Corporate and group volunteering
City of Burnaby: Become a committee member
Journey Home Community: “Ride for Refuge” Promotion Captain
Kinbrace | refugee housing and support: Apprenticeship Program: a full-time, transformational volunteer experience
YWCA Metro Vancouver: Corporate and group volunteering