Refugee Language Training

Some level of English is required to access services, connect with community and find employment.  Many of the recently arrived refugees to Metro Vancouver have limited and in some cases no English language skills. Due to war and other crises, many also have limited experience in formal educational environments or have had “interrupted” educations.  Due to limited access to transportation and childcare, many refugees may not be able to access regular language classes.

Various types of language training programs and services exist across Metro Vancouver. The MVRRT has researched and included these training options and within its inventory of programs and services.

The MVRRT has also developed a guide for volunteers, private sponsors and community organizations wishing to help in familiarizing refugees with their new community, helping them understand and access our systems, supporting job preparation and job search and
helping with English language acquisition. This Guide includes tips and strategies for volunteering, things to consider and information on refugees’ challenges and barriers as well as existing resources and sources of volunteering information.

Click here to download the guide (PDF).

Related Resources

In addition to the resources being developed and shared by the MVRRT, there are many other excellent sources of information and resources on refugee settlement and integration in BC. To assist and empower individuals and refugee-serving organizations to help in the resettlement process, ISSofBC in partnership with the Province of British Columbia have created this online resource hub.