Access to Refugee Healthcare

Many refugees arrive with significant health care needs. These refugees and the people working to support them require an immediate understanding of the range of healthcare services available to them.

The MVRRT is developing two key resources:

1)  The Metro Vancouver Healthcare Matrix – This matrix will provide a snapshot of the healthcare services being provided in the 10 communities of Metro Vancouver. The intent of the Matrix is to assist both refugees and those supporting to understand the services available. The Matrix will also assist healthcare service providers to identify service gaps.

This map will describe the healthcare supports available and depict the various points of access to these supports.  The map will be made available in both print and PDF versions in both English and Arabic.

2)  A Refugee Healthcare Priorities, Needs and Gaps Report – The MVRRT worked with a Healthcare Working Group to survey and consult with both refugees, healthcare providers and settlement workers to identify healthcare priorities, needs and gaps. This report has been broadly distributed and is intended to  support government, healthcare representatives and organizations to better understand the healthcare access needs of Metro Vancouver refugees.

Click here to download the report (PDF).

Related Resources

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