Public Education

To assist refugees settle and integrate within our communities, we all need access to accurate and meaningful information about their cultures, the challenges they face, the strengths and benefits they bring, and the supports available to them. The MVRRT is developing a number of resources to help educate its members, settlement stakeholders and the public at large and share information about our newest residents.

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Refugee Employment

Since the influx of Syrian refugees into BC, many employers have come forward with an interest in hiring refugees. However, few “job matches” have been made. This has largely been due to the fact that many of these newest refugees have arrived with limited English language skills and / or limited transferable training and work experience. As a result, many will require specialized employment and workplace supports.

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Refugee Language Training

Some level of English is required to access services, connect with community and find employment.  Various types of language training programs and services exist across Metro Vancouver. The MVRRT has researched and included these training options and within its inventory of programs and services.

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Access to Refugee Healthcare

Many refugees arrive with significant health care needs. These refugees and the people working to support them require an immediate understanding of the range of healthcare services available to them.

The MVRRT is developing two key resources:

1) The Metro Vancouver Healthcare Matrix
2) A Refugee Healthcare Priorities, Needs and Gaps Report

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Related Resources

In addition to the resources being developed and shared by the MVRRT, there are many other excellent sources of information and resources on refugee settlement and integration in BC. To assist and empower individuals and refugee-serving organizations to help in the resettlement process, ISSofBC in partnership with the Province of British Columbia have created this online resource hub.