Employer Event: BC Refugees JobConnect: Connecting Refugees to Employers

Are you facing skills shortages in your organization? Are you looking to tap into BC’s diverse talent pool?

IEC-BC has developed BC Refugees JobConnect – a customized web-based tool offering employers an effective way to fill their workforce gaps and build a diverse & inclusive workplace.

Why use BC Refugees JobConnect?

Gain access to over 100 candidate profiles – at no cost.
Connect to a broad spectrum of talent – from manufacturing, construction, retail, services, and other sectors.
Use an opportunity to provide employment to job-ready refugees.
Who is this for?

Employers from small and medium enterprises
Hiring managers
HR practitioners
HR consultants
Business and industry associations
Designed specifically for employers, this webinar will provide an overview of the tool and show how the site works from an employer’s perspective.

Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how BC Refugees JobConnect can support their workforce needs, whilst helping refugees showcase their talents and gain meaningful jobs.

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